Listing as a Small Business Owner

Whether you sell retail (new), or second hand (pre-loved) items, we welcome you on behalf of the boys and boy moms we serve! Now we can serve them together with you! Reminder: Charges: Categories: Delivery: What can be listed as a Small Business Owner? Important: Little girl items, food items, mens wear, anything not specifically for boys or their moms are not allowed. serves sons and their moms, exclusively. A few of our recent SBO offers! SBO Requirements Listing Requirements Create an SBO Account! In…

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Tribe and Vendor Delivery

The Vendor is responsible for preparing the item for collection and updating the order status to “processing” so boyMomstt can send their couriers to collect for delivery to the buyer.

How to know when someone purchases your Tribe item?

There are three main ways: You will receive an email notification We need you to ensure that you have a device that can receive email notifications, and that your emails are sent to you real-time. If you know you don’t always receive email notifications, please check your emails frequently. At least 1x day or 1x weekly. We will prompt you to update your status order after 5 business daysAfter you’ve received your order, we are looking out for you to advise that it is…

Adding Items to Tribe (for purchase)

Important: When adding products, only select categories under TRIBE. You can select more than one subcategory (from Tribe) which matches what you are listing. You will need to get into your “Vendor Dashboard” to add products. Go to MY ACCOUNT > Vendor Dashboard Tribe Categories More categories may be added, and can be requested in the comments below. 0-3 months 6-9 months 9-12 months 18-24 months Clothes (Baby Boys / Toddler boys / Big Boys / Maternity Wear) Furniture Gear (For Babies / Boys,…

What is Tribe?

It’s an initiative to support moms in more ways than one. If you have something to give away and aren’t sure who can use what you have, then LIST IT!!