Our Story – get to know us a little 🙂

I am a boy mom and what I realized way early was- I will never get a moment to just BE.  I thought, like you, that this probably meant, I won’t get a chance to just BE at home right?  Because he’s so active right? Because “boys will be boys” right?!

No! Not even by a little bit.  I couldn’t even get a chance to walk into a STORE and be moved to tears with the variety of things I could purchase for my very own little “boys will be boys” monster whom I love!  

After strolling through LANES and LANES “for girls” and “for your little princess”, I knew for sure I had a little monster!!

How did I know this?  Well… doesn’t it make sense that NO ONE caters to dress little monsters? (we can laugh at this, he’s my monster and I love him with all of me… even the voice box that I lost screaming behind him to “get down from there pleaseeeee”.

Where were we?  Right!! MY monster didn’t have LANES and LANES of options to choose from!! How many blue things would be wear!?! Didn’t my little boy monster deserve a little butterfly something too?? How many more RED CARS and half-drawn dinosaurs was he going to wear!!! (Cry with me.. I know we can all relate!).

SO what did I do, boy mom?? I did what we have all learned how to do well… I simply made it work!! Naturally – I had found a pro tip so I SHARED it!! It was then another one of you gracious love giving monster moms said “HELP US ALL” and so boymomstt.com is listening to that. We are listening and we are helping… but for the sake of our sanity… we’re even sharing a few things for US too.  It’s ok… go wild. You deserve it!!