A community for boy moms to buy and sell pre-loved items for the savings of it!

The original idea for Tribe was “just pay for delivery, and the item is yours!” This hasn’t changed, but Tribe has become more than a ‘gift-away’ space.

Now we help moms to recover some funds by reselling their preloved items! It is such a sustainable way to live and ensure that resources (for moms and their boys) can reach as many homes as needed.

We can collectively make Second Hand our first choice! We believe in giving clothes and items the longest life and the best use possible and we want you to join us!

What to know about Tribe?

  • Persons who list for give-aways or resell on Tribe are referred to as Vendors / Tribe Givers. 
  • Persons who order from Tribe are referred to as Buyers, Tribe Moms or Moms. 
  • Tribe Moms do not need to register a Tribe account to purchase items from Tribe.
  • Delivery fees are charged per Vendor, since Vendors are located all across the country.
  • Many items are quality items / brand name pieces, however boyMomstt does not vouch for any items listed by a Tribe Giver, at any time.
  • All Tribe items are collected from the Tribe Giver / Vendor and delivered directly to you. boyMomstt does not receive, or review orders under Tribe.

A few of our recent Tribe offers!

You can join the Tribe in three ways!

  1. Purchase from the Tribe
  2. Become a Tribe Giver (create an account and list it yourself)
  3. Become a Tribe Donator (allow us to list your donations free or at a cost, for you)- [coming soon]

Good to remember!

  • Persons who list (items for sale or for give-away) in the Tribe, will be known as Tribe Givers.
  • Persons who order items from the Tribe are referred to as Buyers / Tribe Moms.

How does the Tribe work for Tribe Moms?

Just browse and shop! You do not need a Tribe account to purchase items from the Tribe. If you see a listed item that you’d like to have, place an order and checkout!

Delivery notice:

  • You must pay for delivery from each Tribe Giver / Vendor
  • No two vendors are at the same location
  • Delivery costs are paid directly to independent couriers we’ve partnered with over the years
  • Couriers collect items from Vendors / Tribe Givers on Sundays (weekly).
  • All orders will be delivered on Weekdays, after collection on Sundays (weekly).
  • All Tribe orders are final and refunds cannot be offered on Tribe items.

While you can definitely share a review or feedback on Tribe items, please remember the heart with which they were offered.

What to do now?

Got questions!?

drop them below

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