Thank you for joining the Tribe!!

It is impossible for this to work well without you! As moms we know that rules and structure are very important for children and even for ourselves.

What is the Tribe?

It’s an initiative to support (boy)moms in more ways than one. If you have something to give away and aren’t sure who can use what you have, then LIST IT!!

In order to LIST an item to the Tribe, you must first create a TRIBE account.

You do not need a TRIBE account to purchase items from the Tribe. If you see a listed item that you’d like to have, place an order (you must pay for delivery).

Persons who list in the Tribe, will be known as Vendors. Persons who avail themselves of Tribe items are known as Buyers / Tribe Moms.

How does the Tribe work for Tribe Moms?

There is NO limit to how many items you can have; we trust that you’re going to save a little for someone else.

How to select / order items from the Tribe?

  • Go to “Shop Tribe“, and add any items you wish to purchase to cart.
  • View cart and check out.
  • You will be asked to pay for shipping for items provided by different Vendors.


Couriers are dispatched to Vendors on Sundays (mainly). This means your item will be delivered to you the after the weekend of any given week you submit a Tribe order.

Items purchased at are managed by Terms and Conditions of

NB: All Tribe orders are final. Refunds are not offered. While you can definitely share a review or feedback on those items, please remember the heart with which they were offered.

How does the Tribe work for Vendors?

What can I list in the Tribe?

Anything (except perishables) that can help a (boy) mom or her son(s) primarily.

Please remember that serves sons and their moms, exclusively. We wanted a space or a few lanes just for our boys.

Your items should be easily identified by a descriptive name, and a very clear image (white or not busy backgrounds are preferred). A quick guide to listing should consider:

  • What is the name of the item
  • How does it work?
  • What does it do?
  • What ages is it suitable for?
  • What is broken, missing or discolored?
  • The size of the item
  • The brand of clothing (to help guage sizing, if preferred)

Be honest, and advise of the true condition of an item. If you like, you can also give a little story on how your little one loved it before they outgrew the item. If you have given the item away to someone else, before an order has been received, please mark your listing as “out of stock” or “sold”, or remove it.

Who can sell on the Tribe?

Anyone who wishes to extend a helping hand at an amazingly reduced price! Even as low as TT$5.00!!

What about selling from my business on the Tribe?

On Tribe, definitely not! There is a price ceiling based on the items listed on Tribe. However, you can submit an offer of collaboration to help us determine if we are a good fit.

To sell from your business on, please contact us, and share a few details on your collaboration offer and let us chat further:

  • Name of business
  • Products / services offered
  • Niche market

Listing Requirements:

  • You must have a valid email address (all notifications will be sent by email only)
  • Any items you list in the tribe should be prepared for courier collection
  • Food stuff should not be listed (because our couriers do not transport perishables)
  • Couriers are dispatch on Sundays of every week after a Tribe order has been placed.
  • Bank details; deposits are made 1x weekly.

Got questions!?

drop them below

We welcome questions!! Drop them below!


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