Child development stages have such an impact on all aspects of growth, so knowing and understanding them is key for any parent.

Child development stages are not set in stone, all children develop at their own pace, so don’t see these milestones as points that are compulsory to hit by a certain age. Instead, use them to make yourself aware of what you can expect as your child grows up, at roughly what time.

It’s totally natural for mums and dads to worry about child development stages and how well their children are developing. Questions will niggle away, questions like: Are they talking enough? Should they be reading more? Are they too short?

And it doesn’t stop when they get older – in fact, learning about child development stages can provide useful information all the way through their pre-teen years and beyond.

Find out what development stages your toddler, primary school child, pre-teen and teen should be at for a particular age with our child development stages tracker.

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Child Development stages


Baby development

Child development stages: from baby to teenager

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From the first crawl to first steps and that precious first word, baby development is such an exciting time. Our guide to baby milestones will give you a clear idea of the average age for each new step in your little one’s life.


1-5 years old

Child development stages: from baby to teenager
You can expect lots of changes in your child’s early years, including learning to speak, picking up, play and developing lots of new social skills. You’ll be amazed what’s in store by the time they get to school…


6-12 years old

Child development stages: from baby to teenager
At this age, learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom – children are developing socially, emotionally and physically. By the age of 12, they may even reach the early stages of puberty, so it’s important for parents to be aware of the experiences to come before your child reaches them…


13-16 years old

Child development stages: from baby to teenager
Teenage years are tricky for both the parent and the teenager, so arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Your child may be close to becoming an adult, but there are still so many firsts to come…

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