Tribe Giver We Thank YOU!

As much as you give from your heart, at a heavily reduced price, we thank you. We all understand that the Tribe is not the best place to seek to recover the full costs or value of your items. Instead, Tribe is more “thrift” than “shop”.

At this time, we do not have a firm space for other businesses (who do not sell boys’ items) to list on (a special place for boy moms and our sons).

What can I list?

  • Items must be for boys or for moms. That’s our primary rule!
  • Next, items must be listed under the category “TRIBE”.
  • You can list items for as low as TTD $10.00 (these are considered our “gift away”. Unfortunately items cannot be listed for TTD $0.00.

Review tutorials on How to Add a Tribe Item

View Tribe Tutorials here.


Adding your items to the Tribe Category on the Website

  • List the name of your item (follow the example of items already listed in Tribe)
  • Add the suitable age or age range in the title, where applicable
  • Items you post to Tribe must be available for purchase / delivery.
  • If you’ve sold your items outside of Tribe, please update your listing to “out of stock” or delete the item entirely.

Be honest, and advise of the true condition of an item. If you like, you can also give a little story on how your little one loved it before they outgrew the item (under long description).


The Vendor is responsible for preparing the item for collection and updating the order status to “processing” so boyMomstt can send their couriers to collect for delivery to the buyer.

You, the Tribe Giver / Vendor must:

  • Secure the item 
  • Provide clean and sanitized items 
  • Washable items must be washed
  • Items should be dusted, if stored for a long period of time
  • Items must be packaged presentably
  • Indicate the name of the buyer on the item using tape, or marker (it should be visible and easily readable for the courier company to determine where to deliver the item)

boyMomstt will send our preferred couriers to your location after you have updated an order to “processing“. This lets us know that your item is prepared and ready for collection and delivery to the buyer.

  • Items MUST be in good and presentable condition.
  • We use a professional courier service who will collect from you to deliver to the buyer. Their fees are standard.

NB: While we would have wished to waive all fees and continue to provide delivery support, these couriers are independent from boyMomstt and our own team has been reduced due to loss. Their fees are standard and their service has been exceptional.


Vendor fees

10% per order goes toward the following:

  • Website storage, uptime and maintenance 

NB: 10% of TT$10.00 = TT$1.00

Courier Fees

We use SPED Courier services to conduct all delivery and collection from Tribe Givers/Vendors. Their fees may change. At this time, the following are the fees they charge and are not paid to at any time.

  • Standard Courier charge TTD$40.00
  • Cash or Card on Delivery +TTD$5.00
  • Credit Card fees are charged by the banks and are not paid to boymomstt or the couriers we use

Purchaser / Customer fees

Moms are asked to pay for delivery to their door, and to make payment on delivery.

Create a Tribe Account!

In the shop/store name field below, indicate if you are based in either Trinidad (Trini) or Tobago (Bago). E.g. Your Shop Name (Trini) or Your Shop Name (Bago)