We are excited to have you join us in sustainable living, and making Second Hand your first choice!! Please remember that:

  • Tribe is not the best place to seek to recover the full costs or value of items. Instead, Tribe is more “thrift” than “shop”.
  • boyMomstt.com serves sons and their moms, exclusively. We wanted a space or a few lanes just for our boys.
  • you can also use our platform to sell from your small business too, at a an low monthly cost.

Check out:

Platform rules for listing in the Tribe

  • Items must be for boys or for moms. That’s our primary rule!
  • Tribe is not the best place to seek to recover the full costs or value of your items.
  • You must have a valid email address (all notifications will be sent by email only)
  • Items must be listed under the category ‘ Tribe‘ when Adding Items to Tribe (for purchase)
  • Food stuff should not be listed (because our couriers do not transport perishables)
  • Items must be in EXCELLENT condition
  • ALL items must be cleaned, sanitized and made presentable for Tribe and Vendor Delivery
  • You can list items for as low as TTD $0.00 (under the “GIFTING” package)
  • Bank details must be provided when registering as a Tribe Giver or Small Business Owner (SBO)
  • Instead, Tribe is more “thrift” than “shop”.

Tribe Giver – what you need.

  • A laptop / desktop or tablet device.  While mobile can work, it is not recommended
  • Quality images. Images should be as clear as possible. Please take pictures in natural lighting, and against a white or clean background. Avoid tablecloths, bedsheets, the floor etc. We prefer clear backgrounds and clearly displayed pictures of your items.
  • Patience.  We ask you to be patient with yourself. We are not rushing you to navigate the website or become experts.  We have hired experts for that! We only ask that you give it a chance.
  • Read the fine print. while we will not be charging you a set-up fee (as an invited vendor), we will still charge 10% on every order, except where you select the Give-Away package at registration. There are no commissions for free items.
  • Organization. Name images before uploading them to the website.  Use images in jpg or jpeg format only.
  • Package your items.  Please use your own packaging to completely seal or wrap your items. Please indicate the name of your buyer / Tribe Mom along with any other order details you receive in large easy to read writing.
  • Stick to deadlines.  Our couriers DO NOT work on Saturdays. This means, Sundays are majorly “collection days”.
  • Communication and details. Please provide as much details as is necessary for your products when you list. If you need 10 days to prepare an order, say so.  Let clients be aware of what to expect. It is the nice thing to do.
  • Integrity. Please provide QUALITY items. ANY and ALL ‘missing’ parts of an item must be stated, called out, or highlighted Please ensure check your items out carefully in bright white light. Ensure there are no holes, no mold, no fungus, no disturbing stains etc. No stolen items.
  • Happiness engineering. The primary purpose of items listed in Tribe is to provide buyers with the feeling of “I got a HUGE steal of a deal with this!!”. We wish to have your support in bringing extreme happiness to another person, and to another little boy.
  • Provide ‘ready for collection’ updates. This lets us know that your item is ready to be delivered. Review more details for Tribe and Vendor Delivery

Pricing Guide

Be honest, and advise of the true condition of an item. If you like, you can also give a little story on how your little one loved it before they outgrew the item.

Listing items in Tribe

Your items should be easily identified by a descriptive name, and a very clear image (white or not busy backgrounds are preferred). This ensures that the Terms for the Tribe are met.

Use this as a guide when Adding Items to Tribe (for purchase)

  • What is the name of the item 
  • How does it work?
  • What does it do?
  • What ages is it suitable for?
  • What is broken, missing or discolored?
  • The size of the item
  • The brand of clothing (to help guage sizing, if preferred)

Adding your items to the Tribe Category on the Website

  • List the name of your item (follow the example of items already listed in Tribe)
  • Add the suitable age or age range in the title, where applicable
  • Items you post to Tribe must be available for purchase / delivery.
  • If you’ve sold your items outside of Tribe, please update your listing to “out of stock” or delete the item entirely, to ensure that the Terms for the Tribe (above) are met.

Vendor fees

10% per order goes toward Website storage, uptime and maintenance 

NB: 10% of TT$10.00 = TT$1.00

Courier Fees

We use independent Courier services to conduct all delivery and collection from Tribe Givers/Vendors. Their fees may change, however, at this time, the following are the fees they charge which are not paid to boymomstt.com at any time.

  • Standard Courier charge TTD$40.00 (Trinidad to Trinidad and Tobago to Tobago)
  • Standard Courier charge TTD$60.00 (from Trinidad to Tobago)
  • Cash or Card on Delivery +TTD$5.00
  • Credit Card fees are charged by the banks and are not paid to boymomstt or the couriers we use

Tribe Moms / Buyer fees

Moms are asked to pay for their orders (where applicable) as well as delivery to their door for the items purchased.

Create a Tribe Account!

In the shop/store name field below, indicate where you are located to help buyers select the correct shipping option at checkout.

  • If you’re in Trinidad, add “(Trini)” after your preferred shop name.
  • If you’re in Tobago, add “(Bago)” after your preferred shop name

E.g. Your Shop Name (Trini) or Your Shop Name (Bago)

Review Terms for the Tribe (above) before creating an account, to fully understand the requirements for listing in the Tribe.

Registration packages

  • GIFTING = listing all items with no prices attached.
  • TRIBE GIVER = listing only pre-loved items at an extremely affordable price


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