Whether you sell retail (new), or second hand (pre-loved) items, we welcome you on behalf of the boys and boy moms we serve! Now we can serve them together with you!


  • Items for our little girls are not listed on our platform
  • We want to keep a little space on this corner of the internet for our boys and our boy moms


  • Small Business Owners (SBOs) are charged a quarterly fee to list with us.
  • We do not have any restrictions on your prices.
  • Commission is calculated immediately when you enter the prices of your items
  • All accounting / invoicing is available on your Vendor dashboard


  • You’re free to use any of the categories on boymomstt EXCEPT Tribe, which is strictly for second-hand / pre-loved items (review terms for Tribe here)
  • Use as many categories as are applicable to the product you’re listing


  • We provide delivery to your customers as well.
  • We use an independent courier who will collect your items to deliver to your customers
  • All funds you make will be credited to your personal or business bank account that you add to your account at least 1x weekly or 2x monthly

What can be listed as a Small Business Owner?

Important: Little girl items, food items, mens wear, anything not specifically for boys or their moms are not allowed. boyMomstt.com serves sons and their moms, exclusively.

  • Items must be in EXCELLENT condition 
  • ALL items must be cleaned, sanitized and made presentable
  • Items you list should be made readily available for delivery when customers purchase.
  • Pre-order items [coming soon]

A few of our recent SBO offers!

SBO Requirements

  • A laptop / desktop or tablet device.  While mobile can work, it is not recommended
  • Quality images. We don’t expect graphic-artist level, but some tinkering on Canva and camera settings on your phone is good enough. We prefer white backgrounds and clearly displayed pictures of your items, along with your own branding (if preferred)
  • Patience.  We ask you to be patient with yourself. We are not rushing you to navigate the website or become experts.  We have hired experts for that! We only ask that you give it a chance.
  • Read the fine print. Please review our policies and ensure you’re ready to honor these terms and conditions.
  • Organization. Name images before uploading them to the website.  Use images in jpg or jpeg format only.
  • Package your items.  Please use your own branded packaging to completely seal or wrap your items. Please indicate the name of your buyer, and general address to assist the courier with delivery.
  • Stick to deadlines.  Our couriers DO NOT work on Saturdays. This means, Sundays are majorly “collection days”.
  • Communication and details. Please provide as much details as is necessary for your products when you list. If you need 10 days to prepare an order, say so.  Let clients be aware of what to expect. It is the nice thing to do.
  • Integrity. Please provide QUALITY items only. No stolen items.
  • Happiness engineering. Serve your customers with respect. If needed, walk away from a situation where your emotions are involved and give yourself room to understand fully.
  • Provide ‘ready for collection’ updates. This lets us know that your item is ready to be delivered. Review more details for Tribe and Vendor Delivery

Listing Requirements

  • You must have a valid email address (all notifications will be sent by email only)
  • Any items you list must be prepared (wrapped & sealed) for courier collection 
  • Food stuff should not be listed (because our couriers do not transport perishables)
  • Bank details must be provided when registering as a Small Business Owner (SBO)
  • Tribe is not the best place to use when asking for full costs or value of your items. 

Create an SBO Account!

In the shop/store name field below, indicate whether you are based in either Trinidad (Trini) or Tobago (Bago).  E.g. Your Shop Name (Trini) or Your Shop Name (Bago)

Registration packages

  • GIFTING = listing all items with no prices attached.
  • SMALL BUSINESS = listing as a small business owner with your prices.


Small Business


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