Is 2022 your year for change? How about starting with the one aspect of our womanhood that all women should experience?!!!

Protect your vulva, she is sacred.

It’s our period, courses, moon blessing, menses whatever WE choose to call it. Our Menstruation is a healthy and natural process for women (and adolescent girls). The management of our monthlies has varied over time and differs with available resources, cultural traditions, and personal preferences / choices. 

Speaking of preferences, my own certainly changed from after the birth of my son. My post-birth journey was really hard on me as I bled (TMI – I know) way too much. Also I don’t understand how, but my skin changed – it became more sensitive – rejecting things it was accustomed too. I became sensitive to those maxi-pads and the chemicals they are made with.  A little Google research had me holding my head in disbelief as to what I allowed into my body overtime 🙁

Another aspect which bothered me was the continuous purchase of those pads. It was eating the funds that could be otherwise used on my newborn! I was still trying to outfit his room with simple things he needed.  I became obsessed with saving whenever and however I could. Then, I re-discovered cloth pads and became obsessed overnight!!

Reusable cloth pads and more information are available on Payment options are ‘pay on delivery’.

Honestly, cloth pads should have been an obvious eureka moment for me, since I had bought reusable diapers before my son was born! I was concerned over whether his skin might be sensitive to Pampers or Huggies! I wanted to avoid stocking up on the wrong type of diaper and wasting those funds . 

It’s so interesting how the birth of your child can change your perspective as to what is safe or unsafe.  

ImaniLife’s reusable pads avoid fragrances, dyes and chlorine bleaching that can disrupt your vagina’s delicate pH balance and cause infections, and even more than that, they also help to cut down on period pollution (garbage disposal of plastics associated with period products).

Can you imagine that the average menstruator sends 15,000 disposable pads, liners and tampons to the landfills?! I had no idea! In truth, I didn’t even think about it! It is mind boggling when you think about it .  

With that knowledge I dived headfirst into the reusables life!!

  • pads
  • diapers,
  • swimmers,
  • paper towels you name it!!

And I’m still learning what can make life easier, healthier, and more financially stable for my family.  

Welcome to #SelahsMom.

Here I invite you to follow along and hopefully incorporate this lifestyle into your own as well.



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