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boyMomstt will send private couriers to your location after you (the vendor) have updated an order to “processing”.

How to update an order to “Processing” or “Ready for Courier to Collect”

You can notify that your item is ready for collection in two ways:

  1. by replying to your order notification email with “ready for collection”. This lets us know that your item is prepared and ready for collection and delivery to the buyer.
  2. Log into your account, go to Vendor Dashboard and update the order status to “Processing”. This lets us know that you are ready for the courier to collect AND it lets your buyer know that their purchase has been acknowledged and to await delivery.

As a Vendor, you are responsible for preparing the item for collection and updating the order status to “processing” alerting boyMomstt to send couriers to collect your item and have it delivered to the buyer.

You, the Tribe Giver / Vendor must ensure that:

  • Items are in good and presentable condition.
  • Secure the item 
  • Provide clean and sanitized items 
  • Washable items must be washed
  • Items should be dusted, if stored for a long period of time
  • Items must be packaged presentably (wrapped in plastic bags, or brown paper, neatly)
  • Indicate the name of the buyer on the item using tape, or marker (it should be visible and easily readable for the courier company to determine where to deliver the item)
  • We use a professional courier service who will collect from you to deliver to the buyer. Their fees are standard.
  • Pay the delivery fee up front, and will be reimbursed after the client pays for your item.

Why are delivery / collection fees paid up front?

It is good to know what happens to uncollected deliveries since buyers do not always carry through with the sale / purchase. However, because couriers have completed their service and require payment, you are required to make payment for a failed order (as a Tribe Giver / Small Business Owner). As a Donator / Gifter, boymomstt will stand the loss but will also have the item returned to the store for relisting at a small fee to cover delivery fees.


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