Each time an order is placed, they’re packaged for courier collection and delivery to the address entered on at checkout.

Couriers collect items on Sundays for delivery Monday through Friday. Couriers will call in advance for three reasons:

  • to ask whether or not you are available to collect on a day
  • to confirm that they are at the right location
  • to notify that they have arrived

If after arriving you are not available for collection, couriers may retry delivery same day or next scheduled day to deliver at your location.

What happens when you cannot be reached?

Your order is returned to the store and the store is responsible for paying for delivery fees. This means the vendor may refuse to sell to you at a later date, and that the item you purchased is now available for someone else to purchase.

What happens to the item?

In most cases, these items are either returned to their pickup point, or if preferred are returned to boymomstt.

Who pays delivery fees when an order is returned to the store?

In most instances, Vendors will pay for delivery fees and or boyMomstt will cover delivery fees up front, for which must be paid back by Tribe Givers or Small Business Owners. Donator items will be returned to the Tribe, and boymomstt will cover the losses for uncollected deliveries for these items.


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